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The use of prosthetic mesh is the current acceptable standard for the repair of hernias. Recurrence rate has been greatly reduced since Lichtensen in 1986 first described mesh repair of inguinal hernias. The most common complication arising from inguinal hernia repair even with mesh is recurrence. There are isolated reports of migrated mesh in the three(More)
We compute the next-to-next-to-leading order (NNLO) quantum chromodynamics (QCD) correction to the total cross section for the reaction gg → tt + X. Together with the partonic channels we computed previously, the result derived in this Letter completes the set of NNLO QCD corrections to the total top pair-production cross section at hadron colliders.(More)
Primary angiosarcoma of the lung is a rare disorder with few cases reported in the literature [Patel AM, Ryu JH. Angiosarcoma in the lung. Chest 1993;103:1531-35]. We present a case of primary angiosarcoma of the lung in a 79-year-old woman. Preoperative computed tomographic scan revealed soft tissue nodules surrounded by a halo of ground-glass attenuation,(More)
A case of focal adenomyosis of the uterus with unusual gross features is presented. The patient, a 43-year-old woman, had experienced abnormal vaginal bleeding for 8 years. Hysteroscopy revealed a polypoid mass compatible with a submucosal leiomyoma, and a hysterectomy was performed. The uterus showed a 7 x 5 x 3-cm firm polypoid mass attached to the(More)
Ovarian cancer is the most lethal gynecologic malignancy. Recently, NACT (Neo Adjuvant Chemotherapy) has been tested as alternative approach for the management of ovarian cancer patients. A biological predictor helpful in selecting patients for NACT would be desirable. This study was aimed at identifying actionable mechanisms of resistance to NACT.(More)
The incidence of thyroid involvement by metastatic disease from distant organs ranges from an average of 3.1% in surgical series to 5.3% in autopsy series. However, the metastasis of one tumor into another (traditionally referred to as 'tumor-to-tumor metastasis') is distinctly uncommon. Typically, they are identified as new manifestations or necropsy(More)
The Cancer Genome Atlas (TCGA) microRNA (miRNA) initiative has revealed a pivotal role for miRNAs in cancer. Utilizing the TCGA raw data, we performed the first mapping of viral miRNA sequences within cancer and adjacent normal tissues. Results were integrated with TCGA RNA-seq to link the expression of viral miRNAs to the phenotype. Using clinical data and(More)
The term extranodal lymphoma refers to lymphoma arising in tissues other than lymph nodes or major lymphoid organs (1). The GI tract is commonly involved by lymphoma. Although lymphomas of the liver and the biliary tree are uncommon, they are well described in the literature. However, there are only nine cases of primary lymphoma of the gallbladder reported(More)
Splenic artery aneurysms (SAAs) are increasingly being diagnosed as incidental findings. Management modalities include operative treatment, percutaneous embolization, laparascopic ligation, and observation. Giant SAAs larger than 8 cm are a rare entity. We report the case of a 78-year-old woman with an 11 cm SAA who underwent successful percutaneous(More)
Eosinophilic myenteric ganglionitis is a disorder characterized by infiltration of the Auerbach plexus by eosinophils. It can be associated with a bowel dysmotility and a few cases of intestinal pseudo-obstructive syndrome have been described in children. In this case report, we present an elderly 93-year-old woman who presented with episodes of functional(More)