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Plasma Posters are large screen, digital, interactive poster-boards situated in public spaces, designed to facilitate informal content sharing within teams, groups, organizations and communities. While interest i interactive community poster boards has grown recently, few successful examples have been reported. In this paper we describe an ongoing(More)
This study investigated tear meniscus formation after a blink. Multiple images of the inferior and superior menisci, viewed en-face, were sequentially captured using a video-slitlamp that permitted the measurement of tear meniscus height (TMH). In a similar manner, tangentially viewed images were obtained of the inferior meniscus so changes in(More)
PURPOSE This study investigated the agreement and repeatability of five techniques of measuring tear meniscus height (TMH). METHODS Pairs of TMH measurements were obtained from one eye of 25 normal subjects with five techniques: optical coherence tomography in cross-section (OCT) and optical pachymetry in cross-section (PACH), without fluorescein; and 5(More)
PURPOSE To evaluate (i) the relationship between traditional and new clinical tests (lid-wiper epitheliopathy (LWE), lid-parallel conjunctival folds (LIPCOF)) and dry eye symptoms in non-contact lens wearers, and (ii) that a combination of these tests can improve predictive ability for the development of dry eye symptoms. METHODS Tear meniscus height(More)
Gram-negative bacteria use type II secretion systems for the transport of virulence factors and hydrolytic enzymes through the outer membrane. These sophisticated multi-protein complexes reach from the pore in the outer membrane via the pseudopilins in the periplasm and a multi-protein inner-membrane sub-complex, to an ATPase in the cytoplasm. The human(More)
Two mapping approaches were use to identify and validate milling and baking quality QTL in soft wheat. Two LG were consistently found important for multiple traits and we recommend the use marker-assisted selection on specific markers reported here. Wheat-derived food products require a range of characteristics. Identification and understanding of the(More)
Dry eye syndrome (DES) refers to a spectrum of ocular surface diseases with diverse and frequently multiple aetiologies. The common feature of the various manifestations of DES is an abnormal tear film. Tear film abnormalities associated with DES are tear deficiency, owing to insufficient supply or excessive loss, and anomalous tear composition. These(More)
PURPOSE To examine the psychometric properties of the Ocular Comfort Index (OCI), a new instrument that measures ocular surface irritation designed with Rasch analysis to produce estimates on a linear interval scale. METHODS The OCI was self-completed by 452 subjects. Some of them repeated the questionnaire, to aid in determining its reliability and(More)
BACKGROUND Dry eye is a common condition, affecting approximately 10-20% of the adult population. Artificial tears are often effective in relieving symptoms in mild and moderate dry eye by replenishing deficient tear volume. Sodium hyaluronate has been proposed as a component in artificial tears, due to its viscoelastic rheology. This paper reports on a(More)