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Static analysis tools used for detecting information exposure bugs can help software engineers detecting bugs without introducing run-time overhead. Such tools can make the detection of information-flow bugs faster and cheaper without having to provide user input in order to trigger the bug detection. In this paper we present a bug-detection tool for(More)
In many C programs, debugging requires significant effort and can consume a lot of time. Even if the bug’s cause is known, detecting a bug in such programs and generating a bug fix patch manually is a tedious task. In this paper, we present a novel approach used to generate bug fixes for buffer overflow automatically using static execution, code patch(More)
Integer overflow errors in C programs are difficult to detect since the C language specification rules which govern how one can cast or promote integer types are not accompanied by any unambiguous set of formal rules. Thus, making it difficult for the programmer to understand and use the rules correctly causing vulnerabilities or costly errors. Although(More)
Wir haben im Rahmen unserer Studie insgesamt 41 Patienten mit Neuritis retrobulbaris untersucht. Bei den Patienten wurde eine Nervenfaserphotographie von beiden Augen angefertigt, zusätzlich wurde bei jedem Patienten routinemäßig eine Computergesichtsfeld-Prüfung (Octopus 24) und eine elektrophysiologische Untersuchung (MEP) durchgeführt. 9 Patienten wurden(More)
Nowadays control-flow hijacking attacks represents the highest software-based security threat [16]. For this reason we want to develop a tool that can asses the attack surface reduction (Q: Which useful code parts for an attack are still available after a hardening policy was applied to an executable?) w.r.t. the attack dubbed, Counterfeit Object-Oriented(More)
Es wurden Nervenfaserfotografien von Patienten mit intraokulären Druckwerten von 21 mm Hg und darüber untersucht und mit den dazugehörigen Gesichtsfeldbefunden verglichen. Einerseits zeigte sich die eindeutige Korrelation zwischen Nervenfaserschichtdefekten und bereits korrespondierenden Gesichtsfeldverlusten, andererseits geht aus allen bisherigen Studien(More)
The increasing complexity of current game projects highlights the need for new tools and working methodologies to support the games’ engineering process. We make use of the mobile touch technology as a way to improve communication and encourage collaborative work between the different parts involved in the game project (developers, usability testers,(More)
Dyslexia is a reading disability that can, in some cases, be cured. The most frequent treatment for dyslexia consists on repeatedly performing certain word exercises. Because most dyslexic patients are young children, most applications for word training are games. The development of such games is costly and it involves different parts (developers,(More)