Paul Mulholland

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Despite the large number and variety of tools and services available today for exploring scholarly data, current support is still very limited in the context of sensemaking tasks, which go beyond standard search and ranking of authors and publications, and focus instead on i) understanding the dynamics of research areas, ii) relating authors ‘semantically’(More)
Software Visualization can be defined as the use of graphical and textual formalisms to describe the execution of computer programs. A large amount of Software Visualization technology has been developed to support computer science education, using a range of interface techniques. Far less effort has been devoted to evaluating the technology. As a result,(More)
PURPOSE A randomized, phase III, placebo-controlled, partially blinded clinical trial (REGAL [Recent in in Glioblastoma Alone and With Lomustine]) was conducted to determine the efficacy of cediranib, an oral pan-vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF) receptor tyrosine kinase inhibitor, either as monotherapy or in combination with lomustine versus(More)
Observational studies in the literature have highlighted low levels of user satisfaction in relation to the support for ontology visualization and exploration provided by current ontology engineering tools. These issues are particularly problematic for non-expert users, who rely on effective tool support to abstract from representational details and to be(More)
Virtual communities have been the focus of research since the beginning of the Internet. A more recent phenomenon is the hybrid networked community: a physical community extended by a network infrastructure, seeking to enhance existing social interactions, storage and dissemination of knowledge using both online and offline channels of communication. This(More)
This paper describes the development of nQuire, a software application to guide personal inquiry learning. nQuire provides teacher support for authoring, orchestrating and monitoring inquiries as well as student support for carrying out, configuring and reviewing inquiries. nQuire allows inquiries to be scripted and configured in various ways, so that(More)
Many organizations need to respond quickly to change and their workers need to regularly develop new knowledge and skills. The prevailing approach to meeting these demands is on-the-job training, but this is known to be highly ine!ective, cause stress and devalue workplace autonomy. Conversely, organizational learning is a process through which workers(More)
The media curation craze has spawned a multitude of new sites that help users to collect and share web content. Some market themselves as spaces to explore a common interest through different types of related media. Others are promoted as a means for creating and sharing stories, or producing personalized newspapers. Still others target the education(More)
Recently, there has been a great deal of interest in how new technologies can support the more effective use of online museum content. Two particularly relevant developments are exploratory search and semantic web technologies. Exploratory search tools support a more undirected and serendipitous interaction with the content. Semantic web technology, when(More)