Paul Morales

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During winter, the light-harvesting complexes of evergreen plants change function from energy-harvesting to energy-dissipating centers. The goal of our study was to monitor changes in the composition of the photosynthetic apparatus that accompany these functional changes. Seasonal changes in chlorophyll fluorescence, pigment concentration, and abundance and(More)
Solutions of casein are usually sprayed over the leather in the final stage of tanning. We present the result of a thorough investigation of an atopic tannery worker with occupational asthma. Data from clinical record and metacholine challenges support the occupational source of the patient's symptoms, and positive bronchial challenge with casein clearly(More)
The recently developed technique of laser induced plasma deposition is used to obtain layers of different protein molecules on a substrate. The biological activity of the deposits is checked and micropatterning of active antibodies is achieved.
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