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The ANTARES collaboration is building a deep sea neutrino telescope in the Mediterranean Sea. This detector will cover a sensitive area of typically 0:1 km and will be equipped with about 1000 optical modules. Each of these optical modules consists of a large area photomultiplier and its associated electronics housed in a pressure resistant glass sphere.(More)
The ANTARES Collaboration proposes to construct a large area water Cherenkov detector in the deep Mediterranean Sea, optimised for the detection of muons from high-energy astrophysical neutrinos. This paper presents the scientific motivation for building such a device, along with a review of the technical issues involved in its design and construction. The(More)
Patients express their dissatisfaction through complaints. This study analyzed the frequency and chief complaints of patients presenting to the emergency department (ED). The end point was find ways to improve patient satisfaction after their ED visit. In this retrospective, seven years study, we reviewed 155 chief complaints of patients presenting to the(More)
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