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In this paper we deal with the problem of studying some mathematical aspects regarding the polytope of fuzzy measures when the referen-tial set is finite. More concretely, we study whether two extreme points are adjacent; for general polytopes, this is a NP-hard problem. However, for the case of fuzzy measures, we give a necessary and sufficient condition(More)
Future data center configurations are driven by total cost of ownership (TCO) for specific performance capabilities. Low-latency interconnects are central to performance , while the use of commodity interconnects is central to cost. This paper reports on an effort to combine a very high-performance, commodity interconnect (HyperTransport) with a high-volume(More)
Executive Summary HyperTransport 3.10 is the best open standard communication technology for chip-to-chip interconnects. However, its extraordinary features are of little help when building mid-and large-scale systems because it is unable to natively scale beyond 8 computing nodes. Therefore, it must be complemented by other interconnect technologies. The(More)
The main purpose of this paper is to introduce and study the behavior of minimum ϕ -divergence estimators as an alternative to the maximum-likelihood estimator in latent class models for binary items. As it will become clear below, minimum ϕ -divergence estimators are a natural extension of the maximum-likelihood estimator. The asymptotic properties of(More)
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