Paul Meyer

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Next to the extensive use of social networking platforms (SNPs) for communication and relationship building with friends and relatives, SNPs are also increasingly used for enhancing collaboration at work. SNP usage at the workplace is fundamentally different and it is unclear how SNPs can improve collaboration as well as in what way their designs should be(More)
Existing privacy regulations together with large amounts of available data have created a huge interest in data privacy research. A main research direction is built around the k-anonymity property. Several shortcomings of the k-anonymity model have been fixed by new privacy models such as p-sensitive k-anonymity, l-diversity, (α, k)-anonymity, and(More)
Non-pharmacological approaches such as mirror therapy and graded motor imagery often provide amelioration of amputees' phantom limb pain (PLP), but elimination has proved difficult to achieve. Proprioception of the amputated limb has been noted in studies to be defective and/or distorted in the presence of PLP, but has not, apparently, been researched for(More)
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