Paul Meurer

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In this paper we present a method for greatly reducing parse times in LFG parsing , while at the same time maintaining parse accuracy. We evaluate the methodology on data from English, German and Norwegian and show that the same patterns hold across languages. We achieve a speedup of 67% on the English data and 49% on the German data. On a small amount of(More)
This paper discusses the construction of a parallel treebank currently involving ten languages from six language families. The treebank is based on deep LFG (Lexical-Functional Grammar) grammars that were developed within the framework of the ParGram (Parallel Grammar) effort. The grammars produce output that is maximally parallelized across languages and(More)
This paper briefly describes the current state of the evolving INESS infrastructure in Norway which is developing treebanks as well as making treebanks more accessible to the R&D community. Recent work includes the hosting of more treebanks, including parallel treebanks, and increasing the number of parsed and disambiguated sentences in the Norwegian LFG(More)
In this paper, I give an overview of an ongoing project which aims at building a full-scale computational grammar for Georgian in the Lexical Functional Grammar framework and try to illustrate both practical and theoretical aspects of grammar development. The rich and complex morphology of the language is a major challenge when building a computational(More)
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