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BACKGROUND The Burns Wean Assessment Program is a 26-factor weaning assessment worksheet and scoring instrument used to reduce practice variability in the clinical management of patients receiving mechanical ventilation. The instrument has been tested in patients in a medical-surgical intensive care unit, but further testing in different populations of(More)
BACKGROUND The Burns Wean Assessment Program (BWAP) assessment checklist is designed to assist clinicians in the systematic evaluation of 26 clinical factors important to weaning. The authors recently described the relationship of the BWAP score (derived from the checklist) to weaning trial outcomes (weaning success or failure) in patients receiving(More)
Patients who survive to hospital admission after bums with inhalation injury face a difficult and potentially prolonged course of treatment in the burn center. Continuing survival and especially functional outcome hinges on the patient's receiving comprehensive, well-coordinated care from an interdisciplinary team of skilled health care providers. The best(More)
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