Paul Meadowcroft

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Treatment foster care is a recent and rapidly expanding multisystem service. This article summarizes the empirical literature on treatment foster care and offers suggestions for future research directions. Results from program evaluations and experimental research suggest that treatment foster care is an effective alternative to residential treatment for(More)
Outcome monitoring has become a focus of accountability for public and nonprofit human service agencies. Besides providing answers to funders' questions about the services' impact, outcome monitoring helps administrators improve program effectiveness. After a three-year development period and a one-year implementation experience, SumOne for Kids represents(More)
The results of paper I, General theory, are used to explain, using a continuum physics approximation, some of the experimentally observed phenomena which appear in the literature. The magnitude of the new dimensionless similarity parameter which arises from the mixture theory indicates that the internal frictional force acting on the plasma due to the(More)
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