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UNLABELLED The anterolateral and anteromedial stability of seventeen fresh frozen cadaver knees was studied in a test apparatus designed to simulate physiological conditions. Statistically significant increases in internal rotation occurred in seven knees when only the anterior cruciate ligament was sectioned, and these increases were enhanced by subsequent(More)
Suture tension levels measured during 151 inguinal herniorrhaphies in 135 men were higher initially and after a standard relaxing incision in 78 McVay's as compared with 73 Bassini's repairs. The difference, as well as the effect of the relaxing incision on tension, was greater in the middle. In 77 indirect repairs, before relaxation suture tension differed(More)
A laboratory bioassay was developed for determining the toxicity of spinosad, chlorfenapyr, and thiamethoxam against the eggplant flea beetle, Epitrix fuscula Crotch, on eggplant foliage. Four days after initial exposure, LC50 values were 1.99, 2.50, and 0.88 ppm for spinosad, chlorfenapyr, and thiamethoxam, respectively. By dividing the recommended field(More)
To determine whether any of the commonly used wiring techniques are rigid enough to allow early motion in the treatment of transverse fracture of the patella, the patellae of twenty-five fresh cadaver knees were fractured transversely and fixed using the following techniques: circumferential wiring, tension-band wiring, Magnusson wiring, and a modification(More)
Application of imidacloprid to the soil in which Tabasco pepper, Capsicum frutescens L., seedlings were growing was highly effective against the green peach aphid, Myzus persicae (Sulzer) (Hemiptera: Aphididae). In just 48 h after the soil drench, aphid numbers on treated plants declined from 292.1 to 33.0 per plant, a reduction of 89%. By 72 and 96 h after(More)
The ideal thickness of cement between the prosthesis and bone has not been accurately determined, but there is general agreement that the surgeon should be able to provide and accurately produce a certain thickness of cement between the prosthesis and the bone. Conventional cementing technique could allow the surgeon to ovepush the cup into direct contact(More)
A laser Doppler velocimeter employing a microscope objective as the receiving lens has been developed for measuring fluid velocity inside the boundary layer flow field with a spatial resolution of 40 microm. The method was applied for direct measurement of aerodynamic skin friction drag from the measured velocity gradient at the wall. Experimental results(More)
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