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The automatic application of computerized guidelines and protocols in intensive care is not simple, given the high volume of data which must be processed and the need to offer advice on a continuous basis. However most of this data is available automatically and there is therefore the real possibility of improving the quality of care by providing timely(More)
The aim of the NEONATE project is to investigate decision support in the neonatal intensive care unit. This paper describes the considerable amount of observational and physiological data which was acquired and as well as the tools which have been developed to analyse them. Both the data and the tools are in the public domain. We believe that our database(More)
PURPOSE To determine whether the differential expression of bladder smooth muscle isoactin can be used as a molecular marker for the development of interstitial cystitis (IC). METHODS Three groups of five female Sprague-Dawley rats each underwent urethral catheterization and intravesical instillation of 0.5 ml. of 0.4N HCl. One group was sacrificed one,(More)
BACKGROUND The determination of the malignant potential of smooth muscle neoplasms remains ambiguous, and yet has far reaching clinical, therapeutic, and social implications. METHODS In this pilot study, the authors examined smooth muscle isoactin gene expression by polymerase chain reaction in a variety of smooth muscle tumors. RESULTS A lack of(More)
The aim of the NEONATE project is to investigate sub-optimal decision making in the neonatal intensive care unit and to implement decision support tools which will draw the attention of nursing and clinical staff to situations where specific actions should be taken or avoided. We have collected over 400 patient-hours of data on 31 separate babies, including(More)
Thiamethoxam (CGA 293'343) is a novel broad-spectrum neonicotinoid insecticide. It is commercially used as a seed treatment under the trademark Cruiser (CRZ). Although many reports detail its insecticidal, plant-protecting properties, there are minimal reports concerning the effect on seed germination activities which can be key control points of seedling(More)
Monoclonal antibodies derived from the actin multigene family are routinely used as an adjunct to morphologic diagnoses of smooth muscle tumors. Northern blot analysis was performed on 60 surgical resections utilizing isoactin-specific cDNAs. A comparison of this analysis to immunohistochemical studies demonstrated that actin-specific monoclonal antibodies(More)
Medical time-series data often contain sets of closely related, non-orthogonal channel – for example transcutaneous O2 and CO2 or mean, systolic and diastolic blood pressures. It is desirable when summarizing such sets of data to select a single set of time-periods dividing the data into segments of distinctive character. This can be achieved using an(More)
Spermatogenic abnormalities have been reported in the majority of spinal cord injured men on routine testicular biopsy. However, given the interim advances in their urological and rehabilitative care, a quantitative assessment of the germinal epithelium after spinal cord injury and comparison of these parameters to normal controls are warranted. Incisional(More)
Objective determination of spermatogenesis has been accomplished by quantitative testicular biopsy, which, although laborious, has served as the standard for spermatogenic assessment. Aspiration deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) flow cytometry of the testis, however, has simplified this determination, and has correlated with indirect hormonal parameters of(More)