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The concepts of porosity and healing in vascular grafts are interrelated. The initial phase of healing includes cellular infiltration into the prosthesis followed by tissue ingrowth from perigraft sources. This provides a framework for development of a pseudointima. The microstructure of conventional expanded polytetrafluoroethylene grafts with an average(More)
BACKGROUND A variety of nondegradable polymers have been evaluated for use as soft-tissue augmentation devices. This study compared a novel dual porosity expanded polytetrafluoroethylene with current, clinically used devices. METHODS Studies were performed in a porcine model of soft-tissue healing with both histologic evaluations and determination of(More)
The long held assumption that sustained drug elution from stent coatings over weeks to months is imperative for clinical efficacy has limited the choice for stent coating materials. We developed and evaluated an omega-3 fatty acid (O3FA) based stent coating that is 85% absorbed and elutes 97% of its Sirolimus analog (Corolimus) load within 8d of(More)
In vitro and in vivo studies were conducted on omega-3 fatty acid-derived biomaterials to determine their utility as an implantable material for adhesion prevention following soft tissue hernia repair and as a means to allow for the local delivery of antimicrobial or antibiofilm agents. Naturally derived biomaterials offer several advantages over synthetic(More)
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