Paul Marschall

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BACKGROUND Providing health care services in Africa is hampered by severe scarcity of personnel, medical supplies and financial funds. Consequently, managers of health care institutions are called to measure and improve the efficiency of their facilities in order to provide the best possible services with their resources. However, very little is known about(More)
Societal cost-of-illness in a German sample of patients with borderline personality disorder (BPD) was calculated for 12 months prior to an outpatient Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) program, during a year of DBT in routine outpatient care and during a follow-up year. We retrospectively assessed resource consumption and productivity loss by means of a(More)
In the context of the joint project GANI_MED (Greifswald Approach to Individualized Medicine) certain disease phenotypes and biomarker candidates are to be identified with the help of association studies. Thus, GANI_MED aims at contributing to the establishment of routines, improving the implementation of PPPM in the clinical area. A unique characteristic(More)
It is the purpose of this study to forecast the future development of total expenditures of sickness funds in Germany under the assumption that present institutions remain unchanged. Previous approaches using present age-specific expenditure data are systematically flawed. In contrast, we use regression analysis to isolate the factors responsible for the(More)
Objective: It is the aim of this paper to estimate the provider's cost of treating paediatric cases of Malaria in a rural African hospital. Furthermore , we intend to give some insights into the possibilities of improving the efficiency of treating children with this disease in order to support policy makers in the resource allocation process. Methods: The(More)
The aim of our research was to collect comprehensive data about the public and physician awareness, acceptance and use of Personalized Medicine (PM), as well as their opinions on PM reimbursement and genetic privacy protection in the U.S. and Germany. In order to give a better overview, we compared our survey results with the results from other studies and(More)
BACKGROUND The cost of dialysis in low and middle-Income countries has not been systematically reviewed. The objective of this article is to systematically review peer-reviewed articles on the cost of dialysis across low and middle-income countries. METHODS PubMed and Embase databases were searched for the year 1998 to March 2013, and additional studies(More)
OBJECTIVES The study objective was to identify the size of different hospital financing sources for different hospital services and their impact on the uninsured. METHODS A panel dataset of 84 public general hospitals (2005-2008) with cross-section data on hospital activity and hospital revenue was created and used to calculate unit costs of different(More)
Shales are among the most commonly considered geomaterials in current energy-related geomechanical investigations, as they are involved in engineering applications such as the extraction of natural gas, CO 2 sequestration and nuclear waste storage. A deep understanding of their behaviour with regard to variations in the degree of saturation is of(More)
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