Paul Marriott

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There is consistent evidence in the literature that the foetal neurodevelopmental period is crucial for the genesis of schizophrenia later in adult life. There are also strong indications that the schizophrenic illness has sexually dimorphic features. A hypothesis consistent with both findings is that sexual hormones may act as aetiological agents for(More)
We introduce a new approach to goodness-of-fit testing in the high dimensional, sparse extended multinomial context. The paper takes a computational information geometric approach, extending classical higher order asymptotic theory. We show why the Wald – equivalently , the Pearson χ 2 and score statistics – are unworkable in this context, but that the(More)
This paper applies the tools of computation information geometry [3] – in particular, high dimensional extended multinomial families as proxies for the 'space of all distributions' – in the inferentially demanding area of statistical mixture modelling. A range of resultant benefits are noted.