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BACKGROUND A delay in diagnosis or a misdiagnosis may occur in patients with spinal cord injury (SCI) or spinal bifida as typical symptoms of a clinical condition may be absent because of their(More)
Study design:A case report.Objective:To raise awareness among spinal cord clinicians of the possible carcinogenic effect of phenoxybenzamine and of the rare occurrence of small cell carcinoma in the(More)
INTRODUCTION In female patients with neuropathic bladder, the urethra is closed permanently in order to avoid urine leak. Then Benchekroun hydraulic ileal valve is attached to urinary bladder, thus(More)
A male tetraplegic patient with, who had been taking warfarin, developed haematuria. Ultrasound scan revealed no masses, stones, or hydronephrosis. Urinary bladder had normal configuration with no(More)