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Social Interaction and Co-Viewing With YouTube: Blending Mass Communication Reception and Social Connection
This study examined whether motives and individual differences (social activity, interpersonal interaction, locus of control, sensation-seeking, innovativeness and YouTube affinity) predicted viewingExpand
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The Role of Internet User Characteristics and Motives in Explaining Three Dimensions of Internet Addiction
In a little more than a decade, the Internet has revolutionized mediated communication and communication flow. Expand
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Viewer Characteristics, Exposure to Television Violence, and Aggression
I examined whether several viewer characteristics, in addition to exposure to television violence, help explain viewer aggression. Specifically, I examined the contribution of two personalityExpand
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Blogging privacy rule orientations, privacy management, and content deletion practices: The variability of online privacy management activity at different stages of social media use
The purpose of this study was to examine social media users' blogging privacy rule orientations, privacy management regulation, and content deletion practices as distinct types of activity occurring at different stages of blogging process (before, during, and after blogging) that may aid in understanding the functioning of blogging disclosure activity overall. Expand
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The Role of Motivation and Media Involvement in Explaining Internet Dependency
Links among demographics, motivation for using the Internet, cognitive and affective involvement, and Internet dependency were investigated. By integrating uses and gratifications theory and mediaExpand
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The 2008 Presidential Campaign: Political Cynicism in the Age of Facebook, MySpace, and YouTube
Considerable research over the years has been devoted to ascertaining the impact of media use on political cynicism. The impact of the Internet has been difficult to assess because it is not a singleExpand
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Motivation for Watching Television Violence and Viewer Aggression
We examined whether motivation for watching television violence explains viewer aggression and considered the contribution of individual viewer differences, including locus of control, experienceExpand
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The Role of Background Characteristics, Music-Listening Motives, and Music Selection on Music Discussion
People listen to music for many different reasons. However, few researchers have examined people's motives for listening to music and the potential social effects of music listening. This studyExpand
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