Paul M. Weber

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Our analytics challenge is is to identify, characterize, and visualize anomalous subsets of large collections of network connection data. We use a combination of HPC resources, advanced algorithms, and visualization techniques. To effectively and efficiently identify the salient portions of the data, we rely on a multi-stage workflow that includes data(More)
— In this paper we present our immersive network monitoring system that is used for real-time and retrospective analysis of network traffic. Our 3-D representations are designed from the perspective of monitoring traffic at an administrative boundary between the Internet and an internal network. In our virtual environment, a physical boundary and defended(More)
The current trend towards multi-core/manycore and accelerated architectures presents challenges, both in portability, and also in the choices that developers must make on how to use the resources that these architectures provide. This paper explores some of the possibilities that are enabled by the Open Computing Language (OpenCL), and proposes a(More)
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