Paul M. Techau

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AND CONCLUSIONS Waveform optimization is a technique that can be used to adjust any or all of the radar transmitter degrees of freedom (DoFs) based on observations of a dynamic environment caused by intentional and/or unintentional interference sources. These DoFs include but are not limited to pulse shape, pulse repetition frequency (PRF), bandwidth, and(More)
Synthetic aperture radar (SAR) exploits very high spatial resolution via temporal integration and ownship motion to reduce the background clutter power in a given resolution cell to allow detection of nonmoving targets. Ground moving target indicator (GMTI) radar, on the other hand, employs much lower-resolution processing but exploits relative differences(More)
This paper presents an adaptive thresholding algorithm that can be used in conjunction with the multi-pass GIP-based editing method to adaptively eliminate ground moving target returns ("non-homogeneities") from the training data used for space-time adaptive processing (STAP) applications, such as adaptive radars. The algorithm exploits a property of the(More)
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