Paul M. Ramirez

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The sheer amount of data produced by modern science research has created a need for the construction and understanding of " data-intensive systems " , large-scale, distributed systems which integrate information. The formal nature of constructing such software systems; however, is relatively unstudied, and has been a large focus of the super-computing and(More)
The proliferation of the internet has caused the process of browsing and searching for information to become extremely cumbersome. While many search engines provide reasonable information, they still fall short by overwhelming users with a multitude of often irrelevant results. This problem has several causes but most notably is the inability for the user(More)
Domain experts are often untrained in big data technologies and this limits their ability to exploit the data they have available. Workflow systems hide the complexities of high-end computing and software engineering by offering pre-packaged analytic steps combined into multi-step methods commonly used by experts. A current limitation of workflow systems is(More)
There have been few studies examining the outcome of schizophrenia in later life. Using five conceptual models, we test two hypotheses with respect to range of outcomes among older schizophrenia outpatients and how they compare to their age peers in the community. We operationalized five outcome measures from the following conceptual models: Remission,(More)
Staying up to date with the latest discoveries is a challenge in any scientific field. In planetary science, new observation targets on the surface of Mars are identified and named every day, and new publications announcing new discoveries and conclusions provide frequent updates about these targets. We are constructing a system that uses information(More)
This paper outlines the creation of the Polar dataset within the TREC-Dynamic Domain track. The techniques used to create the Polar dataset fall into two basic categories: information extraction using Apache Tika and information retrieval using Apache Nutch. Frist, we expanded the parsing capabilities of Apache Tika, an open source framework for text and(More)