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OBJECTIVES To characterise research relationships between medical specialists and the pharmaceutical industry in Australia. DESIGN AND SETTING Questionnaire survey of medical specialists listed in the Medical Directory of Australia and believed to be in active practice, conducted in 2002 and 2003. MAIN OUTCOME MEASURES Details of medical specialists'(More)
Mistakes in medicine, particularly when patients have suffered harm as a result, are of ethical concern as breaching a fundamental injunction in medicine: "first do not harm". To minimise the chances of a recurrence, an effective response to harm must take into account both the concerns of patients who have been harmed and the concerns of doctors who may(More)
eep listening: bridging divides in local and global ethics " was the theme of the 7th World Congress of Bioethics, held in Sydney in November 2004. Preceded by the 5th Feminist Approaches to Bioethics Congress and followed by the 10th Australasian Bioethics Association Conference, the conference had 550 registered attendees from 35 different countries. 1(More)
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