Paul M. Kerr

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When loaded with high (pathological) levels of Ca2+, mitochondria become swollen and uncoupled as the result of a large non-specific increase in membrane permeability. This process, known as the mitochondrial permeability transition (MPT), is exacerbated by oxidative stress and adenine nucleotide depletion. These conditions match those that a heart(More)
1. Modulation of vascular cell calcium is critical for the control of vascular tone, blood flow and pressure. 2. Specialized microdomain signalling sites associated with calcium modulation are present in vascular smooth muscle cells, where spatially localized channels and calcium store receptors interact functionally. Anatomical studies suggest that such(More)
1. The effects of seven muscarinic receptor antagonists were used to characterize the receptors which mediate carbachol-evoked contractions of intertaenial circular and taenial longitudinal muscle in human isolated colon. The effects of these antagonists were studied upon colon contractions induced by cumulatively added carbachol which had mean EC50 values(More)
Voltage-gated K(+) channels (Kv) play a critical role in regulating arterial tone by modulating the membrane potential of vascular smooth muscle cells. Our previous work demonstrated that the dominant 4-aminopyridine (4-AP)-sensitive, delayed rectifier Kv current of rabbit portal vein (RPV) myocytes demonstrates similar 4-AP sensitivity and biophysical(More)
Inhibition of vascular smooth muscle (VSM) delayed rectifier K+ channels (K(DR)) by 4-aminopyridine (4-AP; 200 micromol/L) or correolide (1 micromol/L), a selective inhibitor of Kv1 channels, enhanced myogenic contraction of rat mesenteric arteries (RMAs) in response to increases in intraluminal pressure. The molecular identity of K(DR) of RMA myocytes was(More)
We report on the immunogenicity and clinical effects in a phase I/II dose escalation trial of a DNA fusion vaccine in patients with prostate cancer. The vaccine encodes a domain (DOM) from fragment C of tetanus toxin linked to an HLA-A2-binding epitope from prostate-specific membrane antigen (PSMA), PSMA27–35. We evaluated the effect of intramuscular(More)
Maternal carbohydrate intake is one important determinant of fetal body composition, but whether increased exposure to individual sugars has long-term adverse effects on the offspring is not well established. Therefore, we examined the effect of fructose feeding on the mother, placenta, fetus and her offspring up to 6 months of life when they had been(More)
The molecular identity of vascular delayed rectifier K(+) channels (K(DR)) is poorly characterized. Inhibition by 4-aminopyridine (4-AP) of K(DR) of rabbit portal vein (RPV) myocytes was studied by patch clamp and compared with that of channels composed of Kv1.5 and/or Kv1.2 subunits cloned from the RPV and expressed in mammalian cells. 4-AP block of K(DR)(More)
PURPOSE This phase I study aimed to establish the biologic effects and MTD of the agonistic IgG1 chimeric anti-CD40 antibody ChiLob7/4 in patients (pts) with a range of CD40-expressing solid tumors and diffuse large B-cell lymphoma, resistant to conventional therapy. Potential mechanisms of action for agonistic anti-CD40 include direct cytotoxic effects on(More)
The endothelium plays a critical role in controlling resistance artery diameter, and thus blood flow and blood pressure. Circulating chemical mediators and physical forces act directly on the endothelium to release diffusible relaxing factors, such as NO, and elicit hyperpolarization of the endothelial cell membrane potential, which spreads to the(More)