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Recent extensions to the Intel ® Architecture feature the SIMD technique to enhance the performance of computational intensive applications that perform the same operation on different elements in a data set. To date, much of the code that exploits these extensions has been hand-coded. The task of the programmer is substantially simplified, however, if a(More)
The MMX™ technology and SSE/SSE2 (streaming-SIMD-extensions) introduced a variety of SIMD instructions that can exploit data par-allelism in numerical and multimedia applications. In particular, new saturation and clipping instructions can boost the performance of applications that make extensive use of such operations. Unfortunately, due to the lack of(More)
BACKGROUND African-Caribbeans in the UK have the highest schizophrenia incidence and greatest inequity in access to mental health services of all ethnic groups. The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) highlights this crisis in care and urgent need to improve evidence-based mental healthcare, experiences of services and outcomes for this(More)
Listening to experience " I needed a safe place – somewhere I could not seriously harm myself until I recovered emotionally. I also needed to feel that someone actually cared about me… " 2 Methodology 3 Forewords 4 Vision 5 Executive summary 6 Introduction 9 Acute and crisis services: a glossary Crisis and acute needs 12 What is a crisis? What do people(More)
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