Paul M Erickson

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Benzoic acid, sorbic acid, and sodium lauryl sulfate at low concentrations (5 to 10 mg/liter) each effectively inhibited bacterial oxidation of ferrous iron in batch cultures of Thiobacillus ferrooxidans. The rate of chemical oxidation of ferrous iron in low-pH, sterile batch reactors was not substantially affected at the tested concentrations (5 to 50(More)
Tear proteome profiling may generate useful information for the understanding of the interaction between an eye and its contacting objects, such as a contact lens or a lens implant. This is important for designing improved eye-care devices and maintaining the health of an eye. Proteome profiles of tear fluids may also be used for disease diagnosis and(More)
The formation of stable transition metal complexes between pentaammineruthenium(III) and the imidazole moiety of histidine residues in ribonuclease A is described. Studies of the kinetics of incorporation suggest that three of the four histidines are reactive and ion-exchange chromatography affords the isolation of three derivatives containing a single(More)
A computer simulation of a three compartment model was developed to examine the effect of sampling location on the accuracy of estimates of system parameters. Results indicate that the best estimates are obtained when all three compartments are sampled. Sampling from only one compartment tends to result in the poorest estimates.
The most widely used technique for abatement of acid drainage from inactive surface mines and refuse disposal areas is revegetation of a soil cover applied to the waste material. Nonetheless, acid production often persists and in some cases, limits establishment of vegetation. This paper reports on several field studies intended to determine the location of(More)
A hyperextended chrome-cobalt post and core also used as an endodontic endosseous implant served to stabilize a short mobile root and to provide for placement of a porcelain veneer metal crown. The technique is not complicated and does not require instruments other than those for routine endodontic treatment and for the construction of the post and core.
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