Paul M Bingham

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BACKGROUND Targeting cancer cell metabolism is recognized as a promising arena for development of cancer chemotherapeutics. Moreover, redox metabolism is also systematically altered in tumor cells. Indeed, there is growing reason to believe that tumor-specific alteration of redox control of metabolism will be central to understanding and attacking(More)
We report studies using an enhanced experimental system to investigate organization of nuclear pre-mRNA metabolism. It is based on the powerful genetic system and polytene nuclei of Drosophila. We observe (at steady state) movement of a specific pre-mRNA between its gene and the nuclear surface. This movement is isotropic, at rates consistent with diffusion(More)
cosuppression appears to occur by different mecha-Biochemistry and Cell Biology nisms in different cases (below). mechanisms of repression in these cases are likewise A remarkable series of investigations in plants and fungi apparently heterogeneous (below). during the last eight years has revealed a set of phenom-In addition to mechanistic heterogeneity,(More)
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