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EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Having confidence in the permanence of a digital resource requires a deep understanding of the preservation activities that will need to be performed throughout its lifetime, and an ability to plan and resource for those activities. The LIFE (Lifecycle Information for E-Literature) Project 1 has advanced understanding of the short and(More)
1: The context It is timely for the Information profession to consider the managerial implications of the digitisation process. Within existing academic libraries, which is my own area of interest and expertise, well-developed mechanisms are to be found for selecting print on paper materials. For digitisation to take its place in the Information world as a(More)
Tephra particles in physically and chemically evolving volcanic plumes and clouds carry soluble sulphate and halide salts to the Earth's surface, ultimately depositing volcanogenic compounds into terrestrial or aquatic environments. Upon leaching of tephra in water, these salts dissolve rapidly. Previous studies have investigated the spatial and temporal(More)
Interactions with volcanic gases in eruption plumes produce soluble salt deposits on the surface of volcanic ash. While it has been postulated that saturation-driven precipitation of salts following the dissolution of ash surfaces by condensed acidic liquids is a primary mechanism of salt formation during an eruption, it is only recently that this mechanism(More)
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