Paul M Arnstein

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To clarify the relationships between physical, and psychosocial components of chronic pain, a path analytic model was tested conceptualizing self efficacy as a mediator of disability. In turn, disability was hypothesized to mediate depression. This model could help explain the circumstances under which disability develops and why so many chronic pain(More)
PURPOSE A path analytic model conceptualizing self efficacy as a mediator of disability was tested. This model could help explain the circumstances under which disability develops more in some chronic pain patients than in others. METHOD Questionnaires from 479 chronic pain patients were collected prior to an initial consultative visit with a pain(More)
OBJECTIVE There is a need to identify pretreatment patient indicators, which are predictive of the successful enrollment and completion of chronic pain treatment programs. Recent evidence suggests the Pain Stages of Change Questionnaire can predict enrollment and completion of a 10-session cognitive-behavioral pain management program. The purpose of this(More)
Recent investigations have begun to dissect the number and nature of genetic alterations associated with cancer cells. In the present study, primary human epidermal keratinocytes acquired indefinite life-span in culture but did not undergo malignant conversion in response to infection with a hybrid of adenovirus 12 and simian virus 40. Addition of Kirsten(More)
OBJECTIVE To characterize a Kaposi's sarcoma (KS) cell line established from a tumor biopsy from the oral mucosa of an iatrogenically immunosuppressed HIV-negative man. METHODS Cells were placed in culture and evaluated by a variety of biologic, serologic, karyotypic, and immunologic procedures. Electron microscopic examination was performed. The ability(More)
Two newly established human bladder carcinoma cell lines, designated HT-1197 and HT-1376, were characterized. Cells of both cultures exhibited fine structural microvilli and tonofibrils indicative of their epithelial origin. In addition, desmosomes were also present in HT-1197. Marker chromosomes present in HT-1197 and HT-1376 distinguished these from each(More)
Morphine has traditionally been considered the first line agent for analgesia in hospitals; however, in the last few years there has been a shift towards the use of hydromorphone as a first line agent. We conducted a hospital population based observational study to evaluate the increasing use of hydromorphone over morphine in both medical and surgical(More)
Recent investigations have shown the presence of ras gene mutations and human papillomavirus (HPV) DNA in prostate carcinomas. In the present study, secondary adult human prostatic epithelial cells, upon transfection with a plasmid containing the entire HPV-18 genome, acquired an indefinite life-span in culture but did not undergo malignant conversion.(More)