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Bapx1 is required for jaw joint development in amphibians
The acquisition of a movable jaw and a jaw joint are key events in gnathostome evolution. Jaws are derived from the neural crest derived pharyngeal skeleton and the transition from jawless to jawedExpand
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Bapx1 upregulation is associated with ectopic mandibular cartilage development in amphibians
BackgroundThe emergence of novel structures during evolution is crucial for creating variation among organisms, but the underlying processes which lead to the emergence of evolutionary novelties areExpand
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Sequence and timing of early cranial skeletal development in Xenopus laevis
Xenopus laevis is widely used as a model organism in biological research. Morphological descriptions of the larval cartilaginous skeleton are more than half a century old and comprehensive studies ofExpand
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Sequence of chondrocranial development in the oriental fire bellied toad Bombina orientalis
The vertebrate head as a major novelty is directly linked to the evolutionary success of the vertebrates. Sequential information on the embryonic pattern of cartilaginous head development are scarce,Expand
The influence of bapx1 on amphibian head development and its role for the development of evolutionary novelties
Wie evolutionare Neuheiten im Verlauf der Evolution entstehen ist eine zentrrale Frageentwicklungsbiologischer Forschung. Diese Arbeit untersucht die Sequenz der Knorpelentwicklung im larvalen KopfExpand
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