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Bone marrow stromal cells (MSCs) constitute a heterogeneous cell layer in the bone marrow, supporting the growth and differentiation of hematopoietic stem cells. Recently, it has been reported that MSCs harbor pluripotent stem cells capable of neural differentiation and that simple treatment of MSCs with chemical inducing agents leads to their rapid(More)
The checkers program Chinook has won the right to play a 40-game match for the World Checkers Championship against Dr. Marion Tinsley. This was earned by placing second, after Dr. Tinsley, at the 1990 U.S. National Open, the biennial event used to determine a challenger for the Championship. This is the first time a program has earned the right to contest(More)
Neural stem cells (NSCs) offer the potential to replace lost tissue after nervous system injury. This study investigated whether grafts of NSCs (mouse clone C17.2) could also specifically support host axonal regeneration after spinal cord injury and sought to identify mechanisms underlying such growth. In vitro, prior to grafting, C17.2 NSCs were found for(More)
In 1992, the seemingly unbeatable World Checker Champion, Dr. Marion Tinsley, defended his title against the computer program Chinook. After an intense, tightly-contested match, Tinsley fought back from behind to win the match by scoring four wins to Chinook's two, with 33 draws. This was the first time in history that a human World Champion defended his(More)
MOTIVATION Identifying the destination or localization of proteins is key to understanding their function and facilitating their purification. A number of existing computational prediction methods are based on sequence analysis. However, these methods are limited in scope, accuracy and most particularly breadth of coverage. Rather than using sequence(More)
Differentiation of stem cells toward a neuronal lineage normally involves a gradually progressive restriction in developmental potential and is regulated by a diverse set of specific and temporally precise genetic events. However, recent studies have indicated that both rodent and human bone marrow stromal cells (MSCs) can be rapidly (within minutes to(More)
Neural stem cells (NSCs) expressing GFP were embedded into fibrin matrices containing growth factor cocktails and grafted to sites of severe spinal cord injury. Grafted cells differentiated into multiple cellular phenotypes, including neurons, which extended large numbers of axons over remarkable distances. Extending axons formed abundant synapses with host(More)
There has been remarkable progress in the last 20 years in understanding mechanisms that underlie the success of axonal regeneration in the peripheral nervous system, and the failure of axonal regeneration in the central nervous system. Following the identification of these underlying mechanisms, several distinct therapeutic approaches have been tested in(More)
BASys (Bacterial Annotation System) is a web server that supports automated, in-depth annotation of bacterial genomic (chromosomal and plasmid) sequences. It accepts raw DNA sequence data and an optional list of gene identification information and provides extensive textual annotation and hyperlinked image output. BASys uses >30 programs to determine(More)
The game of checkers has roughly 500 billion billion possible positions (5 x 10(20)). The task of solving the game, determining the final result in a game with no mistakes made by either player, is daunting. Since 1989, almost continuously, dozens of computers have been working on solving checkers, applying state-of-the-art artificial intelligence(More)