Paul Loader

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OBJECTIVE Constipation and soiling is a relatively common condition in childhood and its course is often chronic. This study investigated long-term outcome of children with chronic constipation and soiling by following up a cohort of children 6 years after their presentation to a specialist paediatric gastroenterology clinic with chronic constipation and(More)
The common report of parents of asthmatic children that inhaled/nebulised salbutamol causes overactive behaviour was investigated. Nineteen children were assessed in a standardised setting before and after the administration of nebulised salbutamol and placebo. Neither parental report nor observer ratings suggested any significant increase in the child's(More)
In a controlled study using recently developed and validated methods for eliciting and describing family interactions, a characteristic dysfunctional pattern of interaction was found in families with an obese child. The pattern differed from patterns predicted by previous workers on the basis of indirect evidence or non-systematic study. The pattern was(More)
A controlled study of families with an obese child showed a small but significantly greater impairment in family functioning when this was elicited and rated using clinical methods. However no significant impairment was found when functioning was elicited with standardized objective methods. Mothers of obese children rated their families as more(More)
According to a standard representationalist view cognitive capacities depend on internal content-carrying states. Recent alternatives to this view have been met with the reaction that they have, at best, limited scope, because a large range of cognitive phenomena —those involving absent and abstract features— require representational explanations. Here we(More)
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This article describes the process of an evolving research project. Initially conceived as a study investigating outcome measures and their sensitivity to change after a course of family therapy, the project soon changed its focus. As unexpected results were recorded, the clinical research team became destabilized and the individual team members responded(More)
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