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Mental and behavioral disorders account for about one third of the world's disability caused by all ill health among adults, with unipolar depressive disorders set to be the world's number one cause of illhealth and premature death in 2030, affecting high- and low-income countries. There is a range of evidence-based cost-effective interventions that can be(More)
BACKGROUND The majority of studies investigating the association between birth weight and adult total cholesterol (TC) concentration have been small and underpowered: not surprisingly, the findings have been inconsistent. We aimed to determine whether birth weight predicted adult TC in a large sample population. METHODS AND RESULTS Between 1994 and 1996,(More)
BACKGROUND Depression is reported to be a major cause of illness-related sub-optimal work performance (presenteeism). However, the majority of studies examining presenteeism have relied on self-report measures of work performance. Furthermore, employers currently face a number of practical challenges in attempting to facilitate early identification of(More)
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