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PURPOSE The goals of this study were establishment of age standards for the Test of Infant Motor Performance (TIMP) and evaluation of possible group differences based on sex, medical risk for poor developmental outcome, and race/ethnicity. SUBJECTS Subjects were 990 infants with a range of risk for poor outcome from 11 geographic locations across the(More)
Executives (N = 341) responsible for hiring decisions in Fortune 500 industrial and service corporations returned a mail questionnaire measuring their attitudes toward persons with severe disabilities and their employability. Responses indicated that attitudes were favorable to persons with disabilities and to their employability, both in terms of(More)
African Americans are at high risk for stroke and dementia. Modifications of lifestyle, however, might lower this risk. The Seventh-Day Adventist (SDA) Church encourages both spiritual adherence and a healthy lifestyle. Members are encouraged to exercise and are discouraged from smoking, drinking alcoholic or caffeinated beverages, or eating meat. The(More)
Galsulfase, a Food and Drug Administration-approved enzyme replacement therapy for mucopolysaccharidosis VI, is administered once weekly in a hospital setting as a 4-hour intravenous infusion. To improve convenience and alleviate family responsibilities associated with clinic visits, some physicians are transitioning appropriate patients to home infusion(More)
The AIDS epidemic poses a serious threat to people with developmental disabilities, the magnitude of which has not yet been fully realized by many professionals working with this population. Models for effective AIDS prevention education have been developed, however, within other populations. Key principles utilized in existing models were discussed and(More)
A mail survey of the largest businesses in the US, the Fortune 500 industrial and service corporations, examined the attitudes of personnel and human resource executives towards the employability of persons with severe disabilities and actual corporate practices regarding the employment of persons with disabilities. The 341 executives who responded are(More)
There is little information available about the provision of supported employment services for individuals from diverse cultural, ethnic and economic backgrounds. To fill this gap, in relation to the specific experiences of urban youth with mental retardation, we initiated an agency based longitudinal study of our employment training programmes. Data from(More)
This study examines the effect of five measures of utilization of respite care services (desire to use respite care services, actual use, accessibility, scheduling and helpfulness) upon mothers' coping resources. Using the analysis of variance between utilization measures and coping resources with the following intervening variables as covariates--mothers'(More)