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BACKGROUND To determine whether familial transmission is shared between autism spectrum disorders and attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder, we assessed the prevalence, rates of comorbidity, and familial transmission of both disorders in a large population-based sample of children during a recent 7 year period. METHODS Study participants included all(More)
Drugs containing one or more chiral centres exist in stereoisomeric molecular forms. Most commonly, drugs containing a single asymmetric carbon atom exist in two enantiomeric forms, designated as eutomer (the more potent) and distomer (the less potent). As well as differences in potency and other pharmacodynamic properties, most members of enantiomeric(More)
a) Key issues concerning Premix (Type A medicated articles) Bioequivalence evaluations: 1) This is a complex issue concerning both route of administration and formulation. 2) If the animal is not at the bunk/trough, the animal is not self-administering (eating medicated feed), thus there can be no drug absorption. b) Differing opinions among scientists and(More)
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