Paul Laugier

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Rare intracytoplasmic membranous inclusions derived from the endoplasmic reticulum were observed in the histiocytes of one case of Dego' syndrome and one case of dermatomyositis. Cross-section and longitudinal sections made it possible to establish a three-dimensional model in which both microcylinders and layers of rolled-up double membranes appear.
These 8 cases of multiple hamartoma syndrome are the first reported in Switzerland. Two men aged respectively of 65 and 28 years presented a cobblestone appearance of the gingiva and of the tongue ("pebbly tongue"), which suggested Cowden disease. This diagnosis was confirmed by the discovery of numberous skin lesions, a thyroid goiter, gastrointestinal(More)
We studied 5 patients presenting with erythematous superior oedema of the face and with oedema of the eyelids. The first case, described by Degos 20 years ago, is reviewed. The first of our 5 patients had clinical lesions similar to those of Degos' case, with true pachydermal features of the integument. In all cases the clinical features are typical but the(More)