Paul Lane

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BACKGROUND Older adults may find it problematic to attend hospital appointments due to the difficulty associated with travelling to, within and from a hospital facility for the purpose of a face-to-face assessment. This study aims to investigate equivalence between telephone and face-to-face administration for the Frenchay Activities Index (FAI) and the(More)
A family of embedded DRAMs which are fabricated in 45nm SOI technology is presented. The fast eDRAM has 64 b/BL and achieves a random cycle time of 1.3ns for V<inf>DD</inf> = 1.00V and typical process. The dense eDRAM has 128 b/BL and operates in multi-bank modes up to 1.67GHz for V<inf>DD</inf> = 1.0V and nominal process. The staggered - folded BL(More)
INTRODUCTION Patients who are frail, have multiple comorbidities or have a terminal illness often have poor outcomes from surgery. However, sole specialists may recommend surgery in these patients without consultation with other treating clinicians or allowing for patient goals. The Patient-Centred Advanced Care Planning (PC-ACP) model of care provides a(More)
In this article, we examine an assumption about the historic Swahili of the eastern African coast: that they were a maritime society from their beginnings in the first millennium C.E. Based on historical and archaeological data, we suggest that, despite their proximity to and use of the sea, the level of maritimity of Swahili society increased greatly over(More)
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