Paul Lagrée

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We present in this paper a novel approach for as-you-type top-<i>k</i> keyword search over social media. We adopt a natural "network-aware" interpretation for information relevance, by which information produced by users who are closer to the seeker is considered more relevant. In practice, this query model poses new challenges for effectiveness and(More)
<lb>Inƒuence maximization is the problem of €nding inƒuent nodes in<lb>a graph so as to maximize the spread of information. It has many<lb>applications in advertising and marketing on social networks. In<lb>this paper, we study the problem of sequentially selecting seeds in<lb>the network under the hypothesis that previously activated nodes<lb>can still(More)
Modern search applications feature real-time as-you-type query search. In its elementary form, the problem consists in retrieving a set of <i>k</i> search results, that is, performing a search with a given prefix, and showing the top-ranked results. In this article, we focus on as-you-type keyword search over social media, that is, data published by users(More)
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