Paul La Rosée

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This two-centre phase-II trial aimed at investigating the efficacy of imatinib in metastasised melanoma patients in correlation to the tumour expression profile of the imatinib targets c-kit and platelet-derived growth factor receptor (PDGF-R). The primary study end point was objective response according to RECIST, secondary end points were safety, overall(More)
Internal tandem duplications (ITDs) of the FMS-like tyrosine kinase 3 (FLT3) receptor tyrosine kinase are found in approximately 30% of patients with acute myelogenous leukemia (AML) and are associated with a poor prognosis. FLT3 ITD mutations result in constitutive kinase activation and are thought to be pathogenetically relevant, implicating FLT3 as a(More)
Actual BCR-ABL kinase inhibition in vivo as determined by phospho-CRKL (pCRKL) monitoring has been recognized as a prognostic parameter in patients with chronic myelogenous leukemia treated with imatinib. We report a biomarker sub-study of the international phase I clinical trial of nilotinib (AMN107) using the established pCRKL assay in imatinib-resistant(More)
Chronic myeloid leukemia (CML) is characterized by a genomic translocation generating a permanently active BCR-ABL oncogene with a complex pattern of atypically tyrosine-phosphorylated proteins that drive the malignant phenotype of CML. Recently, the LIM and SH3 domain protein 1 (LASP1) was identified as a component of a six gene signature that is strongly(More)
We describe a case of severe leukocytosis caused by leukemic mantle cell lymphoma (MCL), complicated by leukostasis with myocardial infarction in which leukapheresis was used in the initial management. A 73-year-old male presented to the emergency department because of fatigue and thoracic pain. Blood count revealed 630 × 10(9)/L WBC (white blood cells).(More)
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