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BING: Binarized normed gradients for objectness estimation at 300fps
To improve localization quality of the proposals while maintaining efficiency, a novel fast segmentation method is proposed and demonstrated its effectiveness for improving BING’s localization performance, when used in multi-thresholding straddling expansion (MTSE) post-processing. Expand
Fast and Effective Feature-Preserving Mesh Denoising
A simple and fast mesh denoising method that can remove noise effectively while preserving mesh features such as sharp edges and corners is presented, and the convergence of the vertex position updating approach is proved. Expand
Unimodal thresholding
In this paper an algorithm, based on finding a corner in the histogram plot, is proposed that is capable of performing bilevel thresholding of images with unimodal distributions. Expand
Thresholding for change detection
  • Paul L. Rosin
  • Computer Science, Mathematics
  • Sixth International Conference on Computer Vision…
  • 4 January 1998
Four different methods for selecting thresholds that work on very different principles of either the noise or the signal is modelled and the model covers either the spatial or intensity distribution characteristics. Expand
Techniques for Assessing Polygonal Approximations of Curves
  • Paul L. Rosin
  • Mathematics, Computer Science
  • IEEE Trans. Pattern Anal. Mach. Intell.
  • 1 June 1997
A measure which combines the relative fidelity and efficiency of a curve segmentation is described, and this measure is used to compare the application of 23 algorithms to a curve first used by Teh and Chin (1989). Expand
Fast mesh segmentation using random walks
A random walk method used previously for image segmentation is extended to give algorithms for both interactive and automatic mesh segmentation, which is extremely efficient, and scales almost linearly with increasing number of faces. Expand
Mesh saliency via spectral processing
The benefits of the proposed method are further evaluated in applications such as mesh simplification, mesh segmentation, and scan integration, where it is shown how incorporating mesh saliency can provide improved results. Expand
Facial dynamics as indicators of trustworthiness and cooperative behavior.
Facial dynamics significantly influenced participants' choice of with whom to play the game and decisions to cooperate and it was found that inferences about the other player's trustworthiness mediated these effects of facial dynamics on cooperative behavior. Expand
Non-rigid 3D Shape Retrieval
Evaluation results and comparison analyses described in this paper not only show the bright future in researches of non-rigid 3D shape retrieval but also point out several promising research directions in this topic. Expand
Evaluation of global image thresholding for change detection
The objective of this paper is to develop an approach for efficiently and quantitatively evaluating thresholding algorithms for change detection in a surveillance environment and to test the performance of eight different thresholded algorithms using more than 4000 images with two different texture environments. Expand