Paul L. Wright

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OBJECTIVES To describe the epidemiology, process of care, and outcomes at 4-6 weeks after injury among patients with whiplash associated disorder attending a UK emergency department. METHODS All patients presenting during the study period with neck pain following a road traffic accident who met the inclusion criteria were assessed. Patients were followed(More)
CILIA are organelles capable of rapid, synchronous movement. They are ubiquitous in nature and in the animal kingdom are found in a number of tissue sites. In the human, cilia are found in the upper and lower respiratory tract, male and female genital tracts, ependymal lining cells, olfactory cells and vestibular-cochlear apparatus of the central nervous(More)
Diurnal variation in trunk flexibility, defined as changes in range of motion, has been previously observed and quantified. Prior studies have shown that decreased disk height occurs as the day progresses and allows the spinal ligaments to slacken, resulting in an increase in the range of motion (flexibility) and a possible reduction in the risk of injury.(More)
The commonest causes of ulceration in the terminal ileum are Crohn's disease, infection, and neoplasia. Meckel's diverticulum is said to be found more commonly in patients with Crohn's disease than in the general population. We describe a patient who developed extensive terminal ileal ulceration caused by acid secretion from gastric mucosa within a Meckel's(More)
Laboratory and room-scale experiments were conducted with natural and synthetic polymers: cotton, paper, wood, wool, acetate, acrylic, nylon, and urethane. Smoke and off-gases from single materials were generated in a dual-compartment 110-liter exposure chamber. Multicomponent, composite fuel loads were burned within a 100 m(3) facility subdivided into(More)
Various methods have been developed to assess the effects of chemical substances on reproduction. In some instances, the tests have been developed to define the effects of treatment on specific segments of the reproductive cycle. In other cases, studies are conducted to determine the cumulative effects of treatment during one or more generations. The(More)
The metabolism of the suspected carcinogen acrylonitrile was studied using subcellular fractions isolated from rats and humans. Irreversible binding of radioactive label from [1-14C]or [2,3-14C]acrylonitrile to protein and DNA was enhanced by reduced nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide phosphate in the presence of rat liver microsomes or a reconstituted(More)
Cleaning standards measuring compliance using visual auditing alone can be misleading, because visually clean surfaces might not be cleaned of pathogens. An evidence-based system using both visual auditing and ultraviolet marker (UVM) assessments is recommended. Using a UVM system has enabled our health service to measure infection risk and implement(More)
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