Paul L. Ringold

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We evaluated the importance of alien species in existing vegetation along wadeable streams of a large, topographically diverse river basin in eastern Oregon, USA; sampling 165 plots (30 × 30 m) across 29 randomly selected 1-km stream reaches. Plots represented eight streamside community types associated with varying elevation, precipitation, and landform.(More)
Alien plant species are stressors to ecosystems and indicators of reduced ecosystem integrity. The magnitude of the stress reflects not only the quantity of aliens present, but also the quality of their interactions with native ecosystems. We develop an Index of Alien Impact (IAI) to estimate the collective ecological impact of in situ alien species. IAI(More)
We compare a more complete characterization of the low temperature performance of a nominal 1.7um cut-off wavelength 1kx1k InGaAs (lattice-matched to an InP substrate) photodiode array against similar, 2kx2k HgCdTe imagers to assess the suitability of InGaAs FPA technology for scientific imaging applications. The data we present indicate that the low(More)
This article evaluates the performance of a protocol to monitor riparian forests in western Oregon, United States based on the quality of the data obtained from a field survey. Precision is the criteria used to determine the quality of 19 field and 6 derived metrics. The derived metrics were calculated from the field data. The survey consisted of 110(More)
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