Paul L. Monette

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Plantlets were regenerated from Alstroemeria ‘Alsaan’ rhizome tips cultured in vitro on solid and liquid media based on Murashige and Skoog salt formulation. The quality of the cultures was superior when intact rather than longitudinally sliced rhizome tips were used as explants and when a temperature of 8°C rather than 22°C was used at the initiation(More)
A recombinant single-chain fragment variable antibody (scFv) to botulinum A neurotoxin (BoNT/A) was developed. BALB/C mice were immunized with BoNT/A. Splenomic RNA was isolated from the hyperimmune mice and used to prepare a cDNA library, from which the variable regions of the heavy and light chain antibody genes were generated and connected by a DNA(More)
The in vitro proliferation of Vitis vinifera L. cv. Liemberger in a liquid medium was compared in 125 and 250 ml Erlenmeyer flasks and in 473 ml (pint) Mason jars. After 6 weeks of culture the jars yielded a significantly greater number of shoots 3 mm or longer than the flasks. Jars yielded the greatest number of shoots 7 mm or longer, followed by 250 ml,(More)
Kiwifruit (Actinidia chinensis Planch.) shoot tips were subjected to a standard surface sterilization procedure and cultured on a Murashige and Skoog basal medium in the presence of two surviving bacterial contaminants. The fresh weight increase of the cultures and the number of shoots produced were greater in liquid medium than in medium solidified with(More)
Seedlings of Nicotiana benthamiana were inoculated with grapevine virus A (GVA). Three weeks later, upon systemic symptom expression, cultures were established in vitro using single nodes from these plants. GVA was purified from these cultures and from leaves of GVA-infected N. benthamiana plants maintained in the greenhouse. More virus was obtained from(More)
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