Paul L. Knutson

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We have analyzed the role of glutamate and its receptors (GluRs) in regulating the development of oligodendrocytes. Activation of AMPA-preferring GluRs with selective agonists inhibited proliferation of purified cortical oligodendrocyte progenitor (O-2A) cells cultured with different mitogens, as measured by [3H]thymidine incorporation or bromodeoxyuridine(More)
The effects of a variety of antiproliferative agents on voltage-dependent K+ channel function in cortical oligodendrocyte progenitor (O-2A) cells were studied. Previously, we had shown that glutamate receptor activation reversibly inhibited O-2A cell proliferation stimulated by mitogenic factors and prevented lineage progression by attenuating outward K+(More)
Neural cell development is regulated by membrane ion channel activity. We have previously demonstrated that cell membrane depolarization with veratridine or blockage of K+ channels with tetraethylammonium (TEA) inhibit oligodendrocyte progenitor (OP) proliferation and differentiation (); however the molecular events involved are largely unknown. Here we(More)
Though there is widespread agreement thatSpartina alterniflora marshes absorb some wave energy, there is considerable question regarding the magnitude and importance of this process. It has been suggested that marshes are much like an array of vertical cylinders in a water column. Based upon empirical estimates of the fluid drag forces occurring on vertical(More)
There have been many recent attempts to establish salt marshes in the coastal United States. Plantings are generally made for the purpose of shore protection, dredged material stabilization, or habitat development. During 1980 a survey was made of recent and historic salt marsh planting projects. Data were collected in 104 planted marshes in 12 coastal(More)
Research on erosion control with vegetation by the Coastal Engineering Research Center (CERC) demonstrated that salt marsh plantings help dissipate wave energy causing deposition of sediments. These processes can convert eroding environments into depositional environments producing shore advancement. To evaluate the impact of shoreline plantings in(More)
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