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BACKGROUND There has been no comprehensive investigation of psychological health in Australia's Korean War veteran population, and few researchers are investigating the health of coalition Korean War veterans into old age. AIMS To investigate the association between war service, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and depression in Australia's(More)
BACKGROUND National cancer survival statistics are available for the total Australian population but not Indigenous Australians, although their cancer mortality rates are known to be higher than those of other Australians. We aimed to validate analysis methods and report cancer survival rates for Indigenous Australians as the basis for regular national(More)
BACKGROUND The poor health status of Australia's indigenous population is reflected in relatively high mortality rates from almost all causes, including preventable causes such as cervical cancer, where the rate is six to eight times that of non-Aboriginal women. However, there is little information on the geographical distribution of risk, an important(More)
BACKGROUND Military service is considered to be a hidden variable underlying current knowledge about well-being in the elderly. This study aimed to examine life satisfaction and quality of life in Australia's surviving male Korean War veterans and a community comparison group, and to investigate any association with war deployment-related factors. METHODS(More)
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