Paul L. Drake

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Maximum and minimum stomatal conductance, as well as stomatal size and rate of response, are known to vary widely across plant species, but the functional relationship between these static and dynamic stomatal properties is unknown. The objective of this study was to test three hypotheses: (i) operating stomatal conductance under standard conditions (g (More)
Growers of Eucalyptus globulus Labill. plantations can establish second and later rotations from coppice or by replanting with seedlings. At most locations where E. globulus is grown commercially, water availability is a major driver for productivity. Thus growers must consider which reestablishment technique will maximize productivity whilst sustaining(More)
Running headline: Flow similarity and quarter power scaling Summary  The origin of allometric scaling patterns that are multiples of ¼ has long fascinated biologists. While not universal, scaling relationships with exponents that are close to multiples of ¼ are common and have been described in all major clades. Foremost among these relationships is the ¾(More)
The leaf area-to-sapwood area ratio (LA:SA) is a key plant trait that links photosynthesis to transpiration. The pipe model theory states that the sapwood cross-sectional area of a stem or branch at any point should scale isometrically with the area of leaves distal to that point. Optimization theory further suggests that LA:SA should decrease toward drier(More)
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