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A number of published techniques have emerged in the trading community for stock prediction tasks. Among them is neural network (NN). In this paper, the theoretical background of NNs and the backpropagation algorithm is reviewed. Subsequently, an attempt to build a stock buying/selling alert system using a backpropagation NN, NN5, is presented. The system(More)
To bolster the interoperability of agent-based commerce systems, trading agents are expected to adopt a set of common ontologies. Although there are extant general-purpose ontologies and approaches of engineering them, there seem to be no ontology that is specific for e-commerce or the methodologies for constructing e-commerce ontology. This chapter(More)
In response to the world's rapidly ageing population, an intense area of research interest is mobile health (m-health) focused on ubiquitous patient-monitoring. While various biosignals are monitored using conventional methods, it is worthwhile to investigate alternative sensing approaches in order to improve accessibility of patients' health status. This(More)
The world's ageing population has led to an urgent need for long-term and patient-centered healthcare solutions. Hence, there is a growing need for wearable systems for physiologic monitoring. While various biosignals are monitored with traditional approaches, it is worthwhile to investigate alternative sensing techniques in order to improve accessibility(More)
In this paper, we propose using adaptive allocation to find the most appropriate data center and physical machine for both users and service providers in a cloud computing environment. The proposed model adaptively finds the proper data center for the user based on expected allocation time and location. For the provider, the proposed model considers the(More)
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