Paul Krieger

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We study several interconnected problems that arise under the current U.S. patent system when a patent covers one component or feature of a complex product. This situation is common in the information technology sector of the economy. Our analysis applies to cases involving reasonable royalties but not lost profits. First, we show using bargaining theory(More)
METHODS The study patients were all adults seen in a six-year period in the ED of an active urban teaching hospital with a census between of approximately 75,000 starting in May 2005, and concluding in May 2010. The usual practice during that time was to use IV and oral contrast for all abdominal CTs unless the creatinine was greater than 1.5mg/dL or the(More)
A search is made for charged Higgs bosons predicted by Two-Higgs-Doublet extensions of the Standard Model (2HDM) using electron-positron collision data collected by the OPAL experiment at √ s = 189–209 GeV, corresponding to an integrated luminosity of approximately 600 pb −1. Charged Higgs bosons are assumed to be pair-produced and to decay into q¯ q, τ ν τ(More)
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