Paul Krapivsky

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Viral production from infected cells can occur continuously or in a burst that generally kills the cell. For HIV infection, both modes of production have been suggested. Standard viral dynamic models formulated as sets of ordinary differential equations can not distinguish between these two modes of viral production, as the predicted dynamics is identical(More)
This paper explores reasons for the high degree of variability in the sizes of ASes that have recently been observed, and the processes by which this variable distribution develops. AS size distribution is important for a number of reasons. First, when modeling network topologies, an AS size distribution assists in labeling routers with an associated AS.(More)
We study the following paradox associated with networks growing according to superlinear preferential attachment: superlinear preference cannot produce scale-free networks in the thermodynamic limit, but there are superlinearly growing network models that perfectly match the structure of some real scale-free networks, such as the Internet. We obtain an(More)
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