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OBJECTIVES We aimed to compare diagnostic yield of adenosine tilt test (A-HUT) with nitroglycerine tilt test (NTG-HUT) in patients with unexplained syncope and to assess the use of adenosine tilt test as an alternative to routine tilt testing. BACKGROUND Adenosine could provoke a vasovagal response in susceptible patients. Adenosine stimulated tilt(More)
UNLABELLED Objective of this study was to compare the distribution frequencies of gene polymorphisms of renin-angiotensin and serotonin system in patients with positive and negative head- up tilt test (HUT). METHODS DNA from 191 patients (mean age 44+ 18 years, 61 men) was collected. HUT was positive in 117 and negative in 74 patients. Following gene(More)
There has been a break-through in data analysis tools, and information now can be delivered in usable formats that contribute to decision making. These new tools make use of the volume of data and the length of data history now accumulating in behavioral health information systems. These tools can help bring data-driven, evidence-based, 21st-century(More)
UNLABELLED The objective of the study was to evaluate the diagnostic yield of a loop recorder (Reveal Plus, Medtronic) in the diagnosis of syncope conditions whose aetiology remains unclear despite the performance of a full diagnostic procedure. PATIENTS AND METHOD Loop recorders were implanted in 25 patients with recurrent syncope (9 men, 16 women,(More)
We demonstrate Lg = 100 nm high-speed enhancement-mode (E-mode) InAs quantum-well MOSFETs with outstanding high-frequency and logic performance. These devices feature a 3-nm Al2O3 layer grown by atomic layer deposition. The MOSFETs with Lg = 100 nm exhibit VT = 0.2 V (E-mode), RON = 370 Ω · μm, S = 105 mV/dec, DIBL = 100 mV/V, and gm_max = 1720 μS/μm at VDS(More)
10 patients (6 females and 4 males with an average age of 75 years) with stable angina pectoris were treated transdermally with mepindolol in a balanced, randomized, controlled, crossover study to compare the anti-ischemic effects of 12-hour overnight, and 24-hour applications. The number of angina pectoris attacks, the oral nitrate consumption and the(More)
UNLABELLED The aim of the study was to establish the difference in the anamnestic data in cardiogenic and reflex syncope during a systematic gathering of data using a structured questionnaire and to measure the benefits of structured clinical history in differential diagnosis of syncope. METHODOLOGY 70 patients with syncope of undetermined etiology(More)