Paul Kingston

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RFID is not a new technology and has passed through many decades of use in military, airline, library, security, healthcare, sports, animal farms and other areas. Industries use RFID for various applications such as personal/vehicle access control, departmental store security, equipment tracking, baggage, fast food establishments, logistics, etc. The(More)
BACKGROUND Older prisoners are a minority within the prison population but their numbers are increasing at a greater rate than any other age group. The mental health of younger prisoners has been well researched but this is not the case for older inmates. The aim of this paper is to provide a review of the existing literature on the mental health of older(More)
Enterprise Architecture (EA) is a strategic activity and planning tool for an enterprise, which facilitates decision-making by enabling a conceptual view of the enterprise. The main objective of an EA approach is to define the layout of organizational components and relationships among them, in order to understand the integration of objects for further(More)
BACKGROUND The aging population in prison is growing rapidly in the United Kingdom. This trend is also found in other countries worldwide. As this population increases prison authorities will need to adjust the custody process to accommodate increasing mental and physical frailty. METHODS This study examined the prevalence of psychiatric disorders and(More)
BACKGROUND The doubling of the number of people with dementia in the coming decades coupled with the rapid decline in the working population in our graying society is expected to result in a large decrease in the number of professionals available to provide care to people with dementia. As a result, care will be supplied increasingly by untrained informal(More)
RFID (Radio Frequency identification) is emerging as an important tool in the field of Automatic Identification Technologies. The universal deployment of RFID devices may expose new security and privacy risks. These risks are the main obstacle for successful deployment of RFID tags. Since, the traditional cryptographic approach is not suitable for the RFID(More)
A strain ofSaccharomycopsis lipolytica was immobilized in polyacrylamide gel, and its ability to produce citric acid from glucose was examined. The immobilization procedure caused no loss of activity, and production rates of 50 mg/l.h (10 mg/g dry wt. original cells.h) were maintained for 45 days. The immobilized cells could be stored at 4°C for 14 days(More)
the high level of mental illness in general hospital populations. It has been reported that about 27% of patients admitted to medical wards have mental illness fulfilling DSM-IV criteria. It has been recognised that the timing of psychiatric consultations could have an impact on patients’ length of stay in hospitals, especially if psychosocial assessment is(More)
AIM This paper is a report of a study to examine the operational impact of a police custody nursing service on healthcare delivery in one police service in the north of England. BACKGROUND Medical practitioners, trained specifically for the role of forensic medical examiner, have traditionally provided forensic and custodial medical services. However,(More)